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Susong middle School held a grade one department "blue project" matching meeting
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927Sunday evening, Susong Middle School successHeld a senior grade department "blue project" matching meeting。Principal Hu Weiqun, vice principal Xu Weihua, Vice principal Zhang Songlin and Senior One director Wu Songmin attended the meeting, and all new teachers and instructors attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by Wu Songmin, director of the Department of Senior One。

Project Cyan aims toGive full play to the role of excellent teachers in spreading, helping and leading, help new teachers adapt to education and teaching as soon as possible, promote the growth of new teachers as soon as possible, and constantly improve the professional level of young teachers in our school, build a high-quality teaching team, and realize the sustainable development of Susong Middle School education。会议The implementation plan of this activity is briefly introduced and interpreted, and the pair list is announced。

Vice Principal Zhang Songlin expressed his welcome to the new teachers, introduced the good style of the teachers in our school, and put forward expectations for the new teachers。

Principal Hu Weiqun pointed out that the addition of new teachers injected new forces into the school's education and teaching workThe training of young teachers is an important measure of the school's development strategy and the driving force of our school's development。他I hope that all the instructors will teach each other everything,Play a good role in spreading, helping and leading,To pass on experience to young teachers without reserve,To inherit the excellent teaching culture of the school;New teachers should learn from old teachers modestly.Planning for personal growth,Continuous reflection, timely summary, the courage to explore their own teaching characteristics,Truly achieve "the youth is better than the blue"。

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