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Professor Hu Cungang, a distinguished alumnus of Susong High School, won the top award at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
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在第48At the Geneva International Invention Exhibition, the project led by Professor Hu Cungang, an outstanding alumnus of Susong Middle School, won the highest level awardSpecial Award Gold。This is the domestic university inCLASS CThe only highest award received in the categories of Computer Science, software, electronics, electrical and communications。

Professor Hu Cungang,Deputy Dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Anhui University (in charge of scientific research),Master supervisor and doctoral supervisor,He is also engaged in scientific research in the National and local Joint Engineering Laboratory of High Energy Saving Motor and Control Technology, the Power Quality Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Industrial Power Saving and Power Safety in Anhui Province, and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Industrial Power Saving and Power Quality Control in Anhui Province,Executive Deputy Director of the Center (laboratory)。Professor Hu is mainly engaged in the research of multilevel converter, new energy microgrid, power electronics of new energy vehicles and power quality, and has won the Anhui Youth Science Award, the first prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award, and the China Democratic League Construction Alliance70Annual Anhui Advanced individual;He presided over the Youth Project of the National Natural Science and Technology Foundation, the surface project of the National Natural Science and Technology Foundation, the National Key research and development Plan, Jiangsu, China-Finland International Cooperation Project, Jiangsu, China-More than 20 projects such as Australia International cooperation Project, Anhui Province Science and Technology research Project, Anhui Province new energy vehicle special project, China Electric Power Academy of Sciences research project and enterprise commissioned development project;In...IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics》、《IET Power ElectronicsPublished academic papers in domestic and foreign journals and international conferences, such as "China Electrical Engineering Journal", "China Electrotechnical Journal" and "Control Theory and Application"120The remainder;Apply for and grant a patent for the invention as the first inventor20The rest, utility model patents and software Copyrights40余项。

The exhibition project of Professor Hu Cungang is the DC power converter technology based on gallium nitride, which belongs to the technical invention in the field of wide band gap power semiconductor。This technology has a wide range of application prospects in the field of new energy power generation, new energy vehicles and equipment power supplies, and is conducive to promoting the rapid development of China's strategic emerging industries。

It is reported that the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions was founded in1973It is the world's longest-running, largest and most influential international invention exhibition, co-organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Swiss Federal Government, the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva。This time, there are40Many countries and regions,1000The remaining scientific and technological inventions were exhibited, and the awards were divided into three levels: gold, silver and bronze.Special Award GoldIt is selected from the gold medal of the competition and must be unanimously approved by the jury。(The news comes fromAHTVThe first time)

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