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Susong Middle School held the "case as a warning bell" warning education conference
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In order to further study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 Congresses and the strategic plan for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party,31On the evening of Sunday, Susong Middle School held a "case as a warning bell" warning education conference in the academic lecture hall of the library, further tightened political discipline and political rules, and ensured that the Party's twenty major decisions and deployments were effective。All the leadership team, members of secondary institutions, teachers attended the meeting。

President Hu Weiqun informed the spirit of the relevant documents of the provincial Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee and the County Party Committee, and led everyone to study the "Susong County Education System" with the case as a mirror "Special Warning Education Implementation Plan",It is emphasized that the whole school cadres and teachers should closely combine the warning education films, warning education books and case analysis materials,Write a study experience,Highlight the combination of learning and reform,Highlight comprehensive inspection, targeted correction,We will strengthen the use of cases as reference, warning, and promoting reform,Continue to deepen the construction of style。

Zhang Weizhong, secretary of the General Branch of the Party, led everyone to learn the warning education reading book and case analysis materials,And emphasize the whole school party members, cadres, teachers from our county in recent years to investigate a series of violations of law and discipline cases,Learn a lesson,Always be clear and determined to take the test,Be more conscious of turning the blade inward and correcting mistakes,Clean up the source of the original, consolidate the original and cultivate the yuan,Always tighten the "master switch" of world outlook, life outlook and values,Fix the "lifelong lesson" of "Never forget your original heart and remember your mission",Build the iron bones of a communist,Build strong walls of faith and faith,We will continue to promote comprehensive and in-depth development of strict self-governance of the Party,We will work hard to create a new style of honesty and integrity that seeks truth and is pragmatic,Ensure that all work starts well throughout the year。

Finally, the participants concentrated on watching warning educational films。(Yu Zhanpeng)


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