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Look firm, confident forward -- Susong Middle School held the 2023 senior high school psychological empowerment report
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To help2023The senior high school students overcome confusion and tension, and encourage the senior high school students to firmly believe and complete their dreams.330On the afternoon of the day, Susong Middle School held a psychological empowerment report on "Firm vision, Confident forward" in the track and field。

Young Chinese teacher Zhang Yin gave a keynote speech, President Hu Weiqun attended the event and delivered a speech, Vice President Xu Weihua presided over, senior grade three homeroom teachers and all students listened to the speech。

Mr. Zhang Yin combined with his own teaching experience, brought a passionate and wonderful speech, aroused the resonance of the senior three students present。

Exciting music, encouraging every present for the ideal, for the future, for themselves, but also for the people they love to fight for the senior high school students。Teachers and students exchanged high fives, hugged each other, and shed emotional tears。

Firm determination to win, with the loudest voice to shout out the deepest expectations and hopes。Life is like a mountain, climbing for a dream, the persistence of the students will eventually be beautiful。

Heartfelt and simple words, touching the heart of the softest place, the students can not help but wet their eyes, to the hard work of the teachers and silent support of parents and elders expressed sincere thanks。

One after another, Shouting out the goal of the college entrance examination, the beautiful dream in the heart。The passionate senior three students will certainly in the remaining days, with courage, perseverance and unremitting efforts, to fight the college entrance examination, achieve dreams, and create their own brilliance。

Hu Weiqun, the principal of the third year students, with hard work to choke the throat of fate,Spread the hope of life with sweat, Enrich the connotation of life with wisdom, and create a brilliant life with confidence!

Hu Weiqun headmaster sent a message to the third grade teacher,We will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and pragmatism,Continue to carry forward the spirit of teamwork,Continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit of innovation,Continue to carry forward the dedication of hard work,College entrance examination,Caring students,Wholeheartedly devote enthusiasm to create the brilliance of the college entrance examination,Devote every effort to love to hold up the dream of every student。

Although the road is far, the line is coming;Hard as it is, it will be done。This psychological empowerment speech awakened the students' desire for success in the depths of their hearts, ignited the students' passion to surpass themselves and fight for the college entrance examination, and strengthened the students' determination not to reach their goals。Senior three students, may you gather all your strength, live up to The Times, live up to your youth, run to the future, and achieve your dreams。(Yu Zhanpeng)



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