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Young teachers seeking the original heart, problem-solving contest show style
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In order to implement the Party's educational policy, implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people, further improve the problem-solving ability of young teachers, lead the rapid professional growth of young teachers, and promote learning, research and teaching through competition,326On the afternoon of July, Susong Middle School organized the third young teachers' problem-solving ability Competition。The whole school131A young teacher took part in the competition and 40 teachers won the first prize。

Improving problem solving ability is an important part of young teachers' professional growth, and it is also a powerful starting point for young teachers to improve the quality of classroom teaching。This competition involves nine subjects of college entrance examination, and the test questions are simulated questions of college entrance examination, and the proposition of a third-party institution is entrusted。The school attaches great importance to the competition, the party secretary Zhang Weizhong, president Hu Weiqun has taken advantage of the staff conference to fully mobilize, and personally visited the examination room to care about the participation of young teachers, Vice President Zhang Songlin led the teaching and Research Office to conduct full preparation for the examination work, to ensure the smooth progress of the competition。The young teachers are also fully aware of the significance of this competition, all teachers in accordance with the requirements of the competition arrived on time to answer questions。After the competition, many young teachers said that participating in the problem solving competition, on the one hand, can stimulate their own research on teaching materials and test points, on the other hand, can also improve their own problem-solving ability, which has a very positive role in the future teaching, especially for the guidance of students。

Principal Hu Weiqun said that the problem-solving competition is a test, a finding out, but also a research and learning, aimed at providing a platform for young teachers to interact with each other and show their talents, encouraging young teachers to change their roles, think in other places, and make classroom teaching more targeted。

Attaching importance to the construction of young teachers and accelerating their professional growth are necessary to improve students' core qualities。Over the years, Susong Middle School attaches great importance to and insists on the training of young teachers, and constantly improves their education and teaching level and teaching and research ability, which lays a foundation for the sustainable development of the school。(Yu Zhanpeng)

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