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2023 Susong Middle School campus recruitment teacher physical examination notice
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   According to the relevant requirements of the "Announcement of 2023 Campus Recruitment of Teachers of Susong Middle School in Anhui Province", the relevant matters of physical examination and investigation are hereby notified as follows:
   I. Physical examination
  (1) List of medical examiners
   Due to the high school Chinese recruitment position, one candidate gave up the inspection qualification, and two candidates gave up the inspection qualification for the high school English recruitment position,According to the "Anhui Province Susong Middle School 2023 public recruitment teacher announcement" provisions,In the same position applicants,According to the interview results from high score to low score, three candidates are identified as the replacement personnel for physical examination and inspection (see the list of all candidates after replacement).。
   2023 Susong Middle School campus recruitment teacher physical examination list
序号 Apply for school Examination number      Name discipline
1 Susong secondary 23001019 He Yaling 语文
2 Susong secondary 23001032 Long Xianru 语文
3 Susong secondary 23001026 Li Jingxin 语文
4 Susong secondary 23002052 leafy 数学
5 Susong secondary 23002023 毛丹 数学
6 Susong secondary 23003059 尹颖 英语
7 Susong secondary 23003024 Li Xiaoqian 英语
8 Susong secondary 23003032 Shen Yuanyuan 英语
9 Susong secondary 23004018 项琪 物理
10 Susong secondary 23004022 Zhang Jihong 物理
11 Susong secondary 23005026 Wang Xiuxiu 化学
12 Susong secondary 23005039 Zhang Xinmei 化学
13 Susong secondary 23006006 GUI Liangxian 生物
14 Susong secondary 23007055 Wuqun Prefecture 体育
15 Susong secondary 23007012 Huang Chengfeng 体育
  (2) Physical examination time: March 30
  (3) Arrangements for physical examination
   1.Medical examiners must bring their valid resident ID card and a 2-inch recent headless color photo to the first floor of Susong County Education Bureau before 7:00 am on the day of the physical examination。
   2.The examination fee shall be borne by the examinee and charged by the examination hospital according to regulations。Those who fail to attend the physical examination on time will be deemed to have given up automatically。
   3.Precautions for physical examination:
  (1) must go to the designated hospital for a centralized physical examination, the examination results of other medical units are invalid。
  (2) Fraud and impostor are strictly prohibited;If the concealment of medical history affects the results of physical examination, the consequences shall be borne by oneself。
  (3) The day before the physical examination, please pay attention to rest, do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, and avoid strenuous exercise。
  (4) Blood collection and B-ultrasonography are required on the day of the physical examination. Please fast for 8-12 hours before the examination。On the morning of the physical examination, fasting and no water should be required。
  (5) Pregnant or may be pregnant, inform the medical staff in advance, do not do X-ray examination。
   4.Physical examination standards: refer to the "Notice on the revision of the" Anhui Province Teacher Qualification Applicant Physical Examination Standards and Methods "(Teaching Secretary (2004) No. 56)," Notice on Further doing a good job of teacher Qualification Identification Physical Examination "(Anhui teacher (2011) No. 1) implementation。
   5.Physical examination discipline requirements: The communication tools carried by the physical examination object must be closed and handed over to the recruitment staff for unified custody, and returned when leaving the hospital after the physical examination。During the physical examination, orderly physical examination shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the staff, and there shall be no noisy, independent action according to the regulations, etc., and must obey the management of the staff。
   Ii. Investigation
   The qualified personnel will enter the inspection procedure。According to the job requirements and the performance of the interviewees during the internship, the recruitment unit will have a comprehensive understanding of the interviewees' political ideology, moral character, law-abiding, professional ability and work performance (academic performance).。The subject should provide the following materials to the recruiter before April 7, and those who fail to submit them will be deemed to have given up automatically。     
  (1) Academic certificate, degree certificate (not provided by fresh graduates in 2023) and teacher qualification certificate (provided by those who have obtained it)。
  (2) No criminal proof。The local police station shall inquire and print the certificate and affix the official seal。If the local police station needs to issue a letter of introduction, please contact the recruitment school。
  (3) To check the individual archives custody units。The object of the investigation should find out what unit is keeping my personnel (school status) files, and take the initiative to report to the recruitment unit that keeps the files, so that the recruitment unit can consult and retrieve the files。
  (4) Fill in the inspection form as required
   Download and print "2023 Campus Teacher Recruitment Survey Form of Susong Middle School" (attachment)。
   Contact number:
   Director Zhu: 13855648728

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