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Susong Middle School won the joint commendation of China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education
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Recently, Susong Middle School was awarded the "Tenth Anniversary of Youth College Science Camp" by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education.2012-2021Outstanding Organizational Unit "certificate of honor。2022Youth college Science Camp, Anhui Province32All the battalions were recruited320Student campers participate32College science camp and special camp activities。In the Tsinghua University branch, Susong High School Senior two (20Class Wu Qin's excellent performance and outstanding achievements were awarded as "Excellent Campers of Tsinghua University" and "National Excellent Campers".。

In the "I and Science Camp" essay contest activities carried out during the camp period, the province awarded a total of excellent essays26Chapter, Susong Middle School Senior Two (21) Class Zhang Chengyang, Senior Two (21) Ban Wang Yining, Senior Two (20Class Wu Qin three students happy"2022Anhui Province youth college science camp campers outstanding essay "excellent certificate。

The Youth College Science Camp is jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education,Chinese Academy of Sciences, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Railway Corporation and other strongly supported the youth college science camp activities,Every summer, we support more than 10,000 outstanding high school students from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, Hong Kong and Macao who have a strong interest in science to enter key universities, enterprises and research institutes,Participate in a week-long technology and cultural exchange activity。 


2022In the form of rich and colorful activities, the youth college science camp gives full play to the subjective initiative of the campers, completes the "trinity" training process of value shaping, ability training and knowledge transfer, assumes the responsibility of popular science, and lets high school students understand science, feel humanity, and realize the patriotic feelings of serving the country with science and technology in the ocean of science。

In recent years,Under the strong support of Susong County Science and Technology Association and Susong County Education Bureau,Susong Middle School actively organized outstanding student representatives to participate in the national youth college science camp,Let high school students who love science enter colleges and universities to receive science and technology education in advance,Experience the culture of famous schools,Cultivate their scientific spirit, innovative consciousness and practical ability,Effectively improve the students' scientific literacy,It will encourage more students to pursue their scientific dreams and become innovative talents in the new era。In recent years, a number of students have been awarded the title of "Excellent Campers" and a number of teachers have been awarded as "Excellent Instructors".。

"It is the right time to ride the wind and break the waves and sail away". We wish the students in our school to chase their "youth dream, science dream and China dream" by sailing and sailing on the wind of science.。(Dai Fenggang  Zhang Shuzhen)

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