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Susong Middle School: A new chapter of good news and good news
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In the past year, with the correct leadership and strong support of the county Party Committee and county government and the county Education Bureau, Susong Middle School has made remarkable achievements through the correct decision-making of the new leadership and the joint efforts of all teachers and students。Especially in2023Made a historic breakthrough in the college entrance examination,6One student was admitted to North Qing, the number of students admitted ranked first in the city。

The years turn, spring and autumn。In the new school year, Susong Middle School continues to make great progress, and the news of success is spread frequently, which makes all the residents feel more confident and proud, and also lays a solid foundation for the high quality development of the school。

8The Olympic discipline competition has achieved many achievements and made historic breakthroughs continuously

919日,第37The results of the China Chemistry Olympiad (Anhui Region) were announced.13Class Huang Weijun won the first prize, which is the first time that our students won the provincial first prize in the Olympic Games。

1016日,2023The results of the National Mathematics Olympiad for Middle School students (Anhui Region) were announced. Zhou Yu, a senior three student from Susong Middle School, won the first prize。

82024The results of the first joint examination of the third year of high school were surprising, and the second place in the province came from Susong Middle School

During the National Day holiday, the high school students in Anhui carried out a "real bullets" drill: the first joint exam of the high school alliance in Anhui。The joint examination came from all regions of the province106A first-class high school to participate in, a large number of candidates, high quality of questions, whether it is the test of the current level of learning, or the grasp of the future review direction, is a very rare opportunity。

The first place in the joint examination of physics in the province came from Hefei No. 6 Middle School. Shi Haiyi, a student from Susong Middle School, ranked second in the province with 690 points50Name, Susong Middle School account6People, multiple students reached the Qingbei forecast line。

1016On the same day, the first joint examination analysis and exchange meeting of the third year of the high school league of Anhui and Henan was held in Hefei。At this exchange meeting, Susong Middle School, which has made great progress by leaps and bounds, was praised by the leaders and experts attending the meeting。

Apricot altar cultivates with determination, and the fruits are fragrant for another year。Behind the achievement is pay, behind the honor is sweat。I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the students and their families who have achieved excellent results, and express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have worked hard. I look forward to the students fighting hard in a bigger stage and continuing their glory。

With the correct leadership and strong support of the Susong County Government and the county Education Bureau, Susong Middle School will strive to practice the excellent school-running philosophy and pragmatically promote the high quality development of the school。All the teachers and students will take this as an opportunity, pioneering and innovative, 踔厉 work hard to build Susong Middle School into a first-class school in Anhui province。

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