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Let the passionate youth shine brightly in teaching
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Let the passionate youth shine brightly in teaching

——2022Special training for young teachers in Susong Middle School

In order to further help the growth of young teachers and promote the further development of our school's education, Susong Middle School and Anhui Jinbang Education launched a one-week practical training for young teachers in Qianshan。2022813On the same day, under the leadership of President Luo Zhao and President Hu Weiqun, the training was officially openedClass, this training invited senior teachers from Hefei No. 1 Middle School, Wuhu No. 1 Middle School, Taihu Middle School, Huining Middle School and other schools to serve as the keynote speakers, and more than 30 young teachers from Su Song Middle School participated in the training。

With the increase of the number of young teachers, it is particularly important to continuously improve the comprehensive quality and teaching ability of teachers. Only through continuous grinding and practice can young teachers accumulate and summarize to grow up faster。

The training was mainly conducted in the form of expert lectures and group cooperative learning。In these days of training and learning, every expert's words and words made the new teachers of our school enthusiastic, and the classroom atmosphere was good。They inspired young teachers to think proactively and forge ahead with their personal experiences from front-line teaching: in the process of interpreting "Coping measures for teachers and students' mental health problems of depression",New teachers actively participate;In the "Be a class teacher with temperature" sharing exchange meeting,The new teachers express their opinions according to their own teaching practice,A lot of problems worth studying and exploring are put forward.In the "Be a Happy Teacher" tutorial,New teachers feel deeply,It is of great significance to the future education work。

"Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold.。"I believe that under the careful guidance of experts and the in-depth discussion of young teachers, the new teachers of our school will grow step by step, and finally break the cocoon into a butterfly after several trials!"

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