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Hu Cungang alumni speech at the 2021 senior graduation ceremony
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Susong secondary2021Commencement address


Dear teachers, parents, dear students and sisters,

Hello, everyone!

"The Dutch wind sends the aroma, bamboo dew drops sound", in this early summer, thank you very much for the invitation of my Alma mater, let me return to the Alma mater once studied, the mood is very excited, as if I returned to the era of youth and vitality, the past of high school, I spent the happiest time in memory in Susong Middle School。At the same time, let me have the honor to witness the students once again standing at a new starting point in life, youth sail again, and build up strength to innovate brilliant。

Today, I am deeply honored and pressured to be asked by my Alma mater to speak at the graduation ceremony on behalf of the alumni。I'm Susong Middle School93Grade 1 students, graduation is near25年。在这20Over the years,I studied in the PLA College of Electronic Engineering (now the National University of Defense Technology) and Hefei University of Technology,He has also worked at Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University and RMIT University in Australia,I have also experienced different circumstances and changes,But what will never change is my love for Susong Middle School as a native of Susong。Today I return to my Alma mater,Meet the "male god" and "goddess" who once coached me,My heart is filled with respect,And sincerely admire,Praise them for sticking to the "sleep in";I also saw some strange new faces,Kudos to them for choosing to join the "homestay" family,It is because of you that generations of teachers have been passed on,It has created a batch of "hostel" students to go further and wider stage,Thank you for your outstanding contributions to the education of Susong。

Walking in the "hostel" campus, although the current campus is not where I used to study, I can't help but think of it20Here, many years ago, my generation, like yours, experienced the fleeting confusion of life and the generosity of youth。但那1000Many days and nights will eventually become the most unforgettable, the most beautiful memories in our life, and will also become the most valuable wealth in life。In the past three years, the students rose from dawn to dusk, in addition to the language number English never absent, accompanying you is not political history, is Lihua Sheng。In the past three years, teachers took weekly exams, monthly exams, mock exams, and compulsory exams for each exam;Students are low scores, high scores, additional points, every point will be contested。In the past three years, the students have imagined walking in their favorite campus in autumn September;Also occasionally lazy, pick up the mobile phone "eat chicken", "play wild", but did not expect the teachers secretly online to give you a small ambush。Three years, you have "drunk in the light to see the sword" of the pride, but also have the talent of reading at night, three years, you have experienced ups and downs, will eventually usher in the beautiful rainbow of life, and finally turned into a "and will pick up the poem wine, sword vertical horse to the mountains and rivers" of the pride。

Graduating from high school is also a time when you are just entering adulthood. In the phoenix flower, I want to share some shallow thoughts with you as an older alumnus。

1.I hope you cherish your time and study hard。Personal growth goes hand in hand with learning new things。Time flies, young people are in the golden age of learning, should take learning as the primary task, "not to learn without broad talent, not to learn", to learn to be diligent, you in research, you in constant。High school learning is a small stage of lifelong learning. As you are about to enter the university, you will continue the spirit of Susong Middle School at a new starting point, where you have the guidance of new teachers, new students to learn from each other, and vast books to guide you。If you don't work hard now, when will you?

2.I hope you will continue to maintain a positive attitude towards life。"Practice is good at hard work in one, success is in thinking of destruction with", life never care for the conformist, meet the status quo, never wait for progress, enjoy the success, but will be more opportunities to good and brave innovation and enterprising people。Graduating from high school is only one stage in life,In this stage of the journey, you may achieve more outstanding results than your peers,But life is a marathon,Phased victory does not represent the final result of life,As long as we take a steady step,Consolidate foundation,A long time is the cause of success.,Will turn against the wind in the second half of life。

3.I hope you will face the hardships encountered in life positively。The college entrance examination is a big event in your life, it affects the whole society, small to about a person's life trajectory。In this competition of thousands and thousands of troops crossing the single-log bridge, there will always be a short lag behind, this is a suffering life gives you, but also life gives you the armor。For you, you feel that many times you have tried hard and tried again, but the answer you are looking for is still far away。You may ask yourself, "If suffering happens all the time, can I still be angry every time??Should I continue to shout if I hear no answer?If I am so ordinary, the strength is meager, then I have to do my best to dream?What difference does it make to my dreams if I don't try?But I ask you to believe that the power of each flap of your wings may blow away all the clouds。The teachers must know that my three years in the hostel are the most difficult three years in the history of the hostel. We also need to be grateful for every hardship we encounter in life, because it makes us recognize and accept our own ordinary;At the same time, let us learn to quickly identify their own position and value。It allows us to be humble without being ashamed, fearless without being afraid;It makes us believe that towering mountains are beautiful, but plains and hills are irreplaceable。

4.I hope you can have a heart of gratitude, do not forget to thank the society, parents, teachers, return to the Alma mater, and contribute to the society。"The virtuous, Ben also。"If there is no virtue, although the body and intelligence are developed, it is sufficient to help them to evil."。Do not forget the original heart, family parents, Alma mater teacher is our root, no matter how far we go, go to a brilliant future, we do not forget where to start, do not forget to help us start。Our roots are in Susong, in Susong middle School, we only continue to return and nourish our roots, in order to make the roots more lush, we can also be more stable and far。

Students, every graduate has his or her own unforgettable youth story。The story of our graduating class is very different,2020Last year, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 brought unforgettable memories to all of us。Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the epidemic prevention and control has achieved major strategic results。Students, the unforgettable experience during the epidemic has also become your unique life experience. These experiences, thoughts and perceptions make you more aware of the preciousness of life!

Students and sisters, you are about to graduate, but I don't want to just say some good words about smooth sailing, after all, challenges and difficulties are ahead。You can lay down your hands and feet in front of the sad ditch,Bow your head at the difficult doorstep;But please don't forget,You have an independent personality and a free mind,Have an open mind,You are already at a starting line far superior to that of previous generations,I believe,You must be able to make a living for yourself this year,Also Alma mater,Write a brilliant chapter。"The sea is wide with the fish leap, the sky is high and the birds fly", and finally bless all the students, bless my dear teacher, bless my dear Alma mater。In a few days will be the college entrance examination, please put down the burden, brave to face!On behalf of the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Anhui University, welcome to apply, thank you!


Thanks for reading, and welcome back!