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Carry out anti-drug knowledge competition to strengthen the campus anti-drug defense line
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In order to give full play to the role of the main front of school anti-drug education, carry out in-depth drug prevention education for young people, let students further understand the harm of drugs, know the common sense of anti-drug, improve the anti-drug awareness of all members of our school, and actively explore the use of new carriers and new methods to carry out anti-drug publicity and education activities.118日至11On the same day, our school organized all the members of Senior one and senior Two to carry out an anti-drug knowledge competition。

The competition is rich in content, the test questions refer to the latest drug control situation, carefully designed, covering China's drug control work policy, drug control laws and regulations, drug harm, drug prevention, drug situation and so on。Under the organization and guidance of the school Youth League Committee, the students participated in the Internet in the computer room of the science and technology building. According to their knowledge of drugs, the students actively discussed and competed for answers in front of the computer screen。

This activity not only improved the teachers and students of Susong Middle School's awareness of the harm of drugs, but also further enhanced the teachers and students' awareness of anti-drug, anti-virus and anti-drug, and played a positive role in the prevention of juvenile crimes。In order to prevent drugs from sowing seeds on the pure land of the campus, Susong Middle School will continue to strengthen the anti-drug publicity and education work, and incorporate anti-drug education into the education and teaching work plan, so that the teachers and students of the whole school can deeply understand the harm of drugs, consciously resist the temptation of drugs, and actively participate in the anti-drug work。(Youth League Committee of Susong Middle School)

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