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The 2021 Fall track and Field Meet of Susong Middle School was held
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Susong secondary2021The autumn track and field meet was held

    1029The autumn sun is warm, the wind and smooth, Susong Middle School ushered in2021The Fall track and field meet。With the sound of the athletes' march, the national flag team, the flower team, the colored flag team, the class phalanx, in a loud, neat chant, one after another, sincerely accept the school leaders to review them。

   At the opening ceremony, Principal Luo Zhao expressed his heartfelt thanks to the sports teachers and related staff who worked hard to prepare for the games。Principal Luo pointed out that sports has a unique charm, which plays an immeasurable role in strengthening the body, cultivating the sense of teamwork and collective consciousness;Sports show style, sports meeting is also a concentrated display of school spirit, teachers' work style and students' comprehensive quality。President Luo wants every player to be in high spirits,Be full of fighting spirit,Spell out grades,Play out style,Let the vitality of youth burst out in every corner of the game;I hope all the referees and staff will be loyal to their duties,Establish safety first awareness, warm service awareness, strict rules awareness,Make a fair judgment;I hope you don't have an event,To obey the general assembly management,Civilized visit, active service,Waving the flag for the athletes,Cheer for,To strive for the spiritual civilization representative team, strive for excellent civilized class to make due contributions。Then the referee representative and the athlete representative successively took the oath on behalf of the referee and the athlete。Finally, Principal Luo Zhao announced: Susong Middle School2021The fall track meet is now open。

  The two-day games, divided into field and track two categories, a total of 10 major events,60microterm。One high school, two high school, three grade groups to participate in the competition。The athletes will work hard, constantly forge ahead and surpass themselves, reflecting the sportsmanship of "faster, higher and stronger", and also showing the school's new style of advancing with The Times and forging ahead。

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