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A letter to high school graduates from the National Center for Student Financial Aid Administration
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National Student Financial Aid Administration Center to high school graduates

A letter from

Dear students,


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has had a big impact on all of us。You must be busy preparing for the exam when you just returned to school。In order to let you sprint with peace of mind and achieve your dreams, we write to tell you and your family: in the face of the epidemic, the country will help you protect your health;If you encounter financial difficulties on your way to study, the state will help you realize your dream of studying。

At present, China has established a sound financial aid policy system for college students, and has set up a number of financial aid programs, such as national awards and grants, national student loans, work-study assistance, and compensation, to ensure that every new student from poor families can successfully enroll and complete their studies。

If you don't have enough money to pay for college tuition and housing, don't worry, the state student loan policy will help you out。After you get the university admission letter, you can apply to the local Education Bureau financial aid center for a student credit loan, which is used to pay tuition and accommodation expenses, and the interest during the school period is paid by the state to the bank for you。

If you are worried about living expenses while in school, do not worry, the state and the school set up a number of financial assistance programs。The National inspirational scholarship is used to reward outstanding students from poor families, the national grant is used to subsidize living expenses, the temporary hardship grant is used to alleviate sudden difficulties, and the work-study program helps you improve practical ability while earning living expenses。

If you still have doubts about whether you can successfully enter the school, then give you another "peace of mind"。全国All colleges and universities have opened a "green channel" for new students to enroll, so that students from poor families can pass even if they have not raised enough tuition feesgreen channel办理Admission procedure。Families in the central and western regions are particularly difficult. Freshmen can still enter the schoolGrant the centre to the local Education BureauApply for the new student enrollment assistance program for travel expenses and short-term living expenses。

Here, we would like to remind you that with the university admission notice, there is a family financial difficulties student identification application form, this form does not need to be stamped, but it needs personal commitment and signature, I hope you abide by the integrity and truthfully fill in。In addition, before and after the beginning of the school is often a high incidence of telecom fraud, some fraudsters will pose as university teachers, staff of funding institutions, etc., to send text messages, phone calls, add wechat or new studentsQQFriends, with a variety of means to cheat money。Please be sure to keep your eyes open and alert to resist temptation and avoid being deceived。

If you would like to know more about the funding policy, please closeNational Student Financial Aid Administration Center website andChinese student aid信号。During the summer vacation, the Ministry of Education and universities around the country will open a hotline, the number and opening time can be found on the website of the National Student Financial Aid Management Center。

After reading this letter, I hope you will share it with your parents and friends and let them know about the state financial aid policy to help them dispel their concerns about the financial aspects of college。

Finally, I wish you get excellent results and be admitted to your ideal school!



          National Student Financial Aid Administration Center


Thanks for reading, and welcome back!