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Susong Middle School held a theme Group Day to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement
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Youth heart to the party · Eulogize the new era

      -- Susong Middle School carried out a memorial to commemorate the May Fourth Movement100Annual theme Group Day activities

Young people, the spring of life, the China of life。Stepping on the drums of the years, we walked into May;To the rhythm of The Times, we sing May。In order to commemorate the May Fourth Movement, carry forward and inherit the spirit of May Fourth with patriotism as the core, and enrich the campus cultural life, our school is in54On the afternoon of Sunday, the lecture hall of the school library held a"Youth heart to the party · Achievements of the new eraCommemorating the May Fourth Movement100Annual theme Group Day activities

The activity consists of three parts: revisiting the oath of joining the group, leadership encouragement and "New Wave" singing competition。Communist Youth League Susong County Party Committee officeDirector Yu HaiyunMei Naibing, Secretary of the Youth League Work Committee of Susong County Education Bureau, Luo Zhao, principal of Susong Middle School, Tang Renbing, Hu Weiqun, vice principals and relevant teachers attended the event。

下午2Half past, the event starts on time。Facing the solemn and bright regimental flag, all stood up in awe and sang the national anthem。过后,20The members represented the chorus of the Communist Youth League。Then, all the members renewed the pledge together。The sonorous and powerful youth oath expresses the students' strong sense of glorious mission to join the league organization and their firm determination to contribute to the organization。After renewing our vows,8The representative of the members recited the work - "Youth heart to the Party · The New era of Achievements", which pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax, and the audience gave the warmest applause。

President Luo Zhao pointed out that young students should bear in mind the glorious history of the May Fourth Movement, cherish the lofty patriotic feelings and revolutionary spirit of the May Fourth pioneers, strive to be pioneers, pioneers and devotees in the forefront of The Times, and strive to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。Yu Haiyun, director of the League and County Party Committee office, also delivered a passionate speech, sincere and sincere, encouraging all young people to follow the Party, study hard, build a new era, and become an excellent member of the Communist Youth League。

The "New Sound Wave" singing competition was very exciting。Each of the outstanding contestants did their best, singing a rich variety of songs, both classic red songs, and popular songs rich in the atmosphere of The Times, bringing a audio-visual feast to the audience。Finally, from the senior year (18Li Yuetong of class won the first prize of the competition with her wonderful performance。

This theme group day activity made the students experience a spiritual washing。I believe that in the future study and life, the students will work hard, forge ahead, play an exemplary role in various activities, and serve the great motherland in the future!

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