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A Confucius statue was inaugurated at Susong Middle School
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A Confucius statue was inaugurated at Susong Middle School
    On November 30, the Confucius statue donated by the 88th class of Susong Middle School alumni was completed in the cultural landscape corridor of the school, the statue is as high as 4.1米。President Luo Zhao, former president Zhang Winding and alumni jointly held an unveiling ceremony for the statue's completion。
    Alumnus Xu Kai spoke as a representative of the 88th class。He said emotionally, Alma mater 80 years of wind and rain, each step of the development of the forward, all affected the hearts of alumni。The 88th class of alumni donated the Confucius statue to remember the teacher's kindness forever, pass on the torch, and repay the Alma mater。The speech expressed deep respect and gratitude to the teachers and the Alma mater。
    Principal Luo Zhao delivered a warm speech on behalf of the school。President Luo pointed out that in the 5,000 years of splendid civilization history of the Chinese nation, Confucius was respected as the "most holy teacher" by later generations for his outstanding contributions and noble personality charm.。By donating the Confucius statue, the 88th class of alumni did a good deed of far-reaching significance and immeasurable merit。The Confucius statue settled in the hostel, adding a beautiful cultural scenery to the hostel and enhancing the cultural atmosphere of the school。It is hoped that all of you will draw on the rich nutrition of traditional culture from Confucius' thought, cultivate morality, practice earnestly, and forge ahead with determination。Principal Luo stressed that it is the hard work of generations of hostelers that has forged the brilliant history of Susong Middle School, and encouraged every hosteler to create a better future of Susong Middle School!
    Subsequently, President Luo Zhao and the Class of 88 alumni jointly unveiled the Confucius statue and took a group photo in front of the Confucius statue。(Contribution: Sun Weiping Jin Zhaohui)

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