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School Celebration Essay -- "Su Song Middle School Ode" (Xiong Lianggong)
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Su Song Middle School Fu
Author: Xiong Lianggong
    Wanjiang pearl, Songzi ancient town。The east is adjacent to Taiwang, and the west is connected to Huangqi。Open the Yangtze River and look Kuanglu, leaning on big and look Tianzhu。Choose the county to do education, choose the exam shed xing university。Hard work, ravaged buildings by Japanese invaders。Glad to see the liberation, and see the heavy light。Several degrees of relocation, spring and autumn has been through 80;Devote oneself to education, disciple more than 3000。The sages have followed the example of others。Draped liver and gall, Bingchicheng, accumulation of steps, education。Blueprints continue to draw, Jun Yan Ying Ting。Work hard together, love the family and love the country。Become a famous school today, provincial demonstration middle school also!
    The sky is fertile and the earth is moist。There is a general Shan Wei for the barrier;Face Fukang Lu Lida urban and rural areas。Landscape park, suitable for travel and rest;Pine bamboo Fu jade, also scenery also poetry。The greenway is long and the trees are smooth;The water in the canal is clear and can be brewed into AGAR。Dragon tiger on the slope of the dragon jump, hundred garden hundred Mei flower Fang。
    Strong in the night, full of spirit。The old rain class, the model of the tree scholar;Red walls and black tiles, open the Fang garden of education。The south wind is fragrant, the warblers are singing loudly。The gardener cultivates, and the students and plums compete。Soak up the wisdom of Confucius and Mencius;Climb the mountain of books, overcome difficulties。Row upon row of buildings in the sky;The trees reflected the sun and the clouds dispersed。The willow blows the wind, the purple swallow cuts the ribbon。Green camphor forest, fragrant garden。By the mountains come to the water, sigh the creation in heaven。Zhong Lingyu Xiu, praised the home of literati。
    Phoenix gathering Gao Wu, its sound in the nine days;Clouds out of Songzi, its shape to the four seas。Shushan road, three years cold window hard;The sea of learning is boundless, and the nine Confucianists are sincere。Gentleman than de, ploughing ink stone farm。Gardeners follow the example, retching on the platform。Drip, drip, burr。力导谆谆兮,治学培栽。Hongmen's love is profound。Look for pearls at the desk, rich and colorful。Moisten the mind, wander in the picture。Online truth, can solve the cloud nirvana hope;Treasure hunt, explore the light of science and technology。Great cause, the courage to bear;A hundred years of dreams, good dreams can come true。The prize, increasing year by year;Education leading goose, distinguished reputation。Yang Zhengqi, auxiliary righteousness, the order of things, follow。Weidong in hard work, on behalf of people in the pride;Sac snow in the ambition, like a man of pillars。
    Enze Sangzi, inherit the torch;The training of the school, sharpen the practice of far。Far spread its reputation, long bao its de;Carry forward the spirit, expect us。The great standard of education revitalization, can peach plum fragrant itch garden。Tree civilization benchmark, training qualified personnel。Lide tree people, spread the road diffuse;Search up and down, continue to write a chapter。Candle burning heart, warm students;A bright future together!


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