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English Group of Susong Secondary School held an open class teaching and research activity
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English Group of Susong Secondary School held an open class teaching and research activity


      (Figure 1: Teacher Wang Lingyan in class)

2018108In the third class on Sunday morning, Miss Wang Lingyan from English Group taught in Grade Two (18An open class in the class, on how to do a good job in English reading teaching made a good demonstration。Principal Hu Weiqun, who is in charge of teaching, and Fan Jinbai, director of the Teaching and Research Office, attended the scene。有20A number of teachers to the class carefully listen to the class, the fourth class timely evaluation, launched a warm discussion, timely teaching information feedback。


       (Figure 2: Senior 218Class classroom)

All the teachers gave full affirmation from the teaching design of this class, the organization and implementation of teaching activities and the teaching methods of reading class。Teacher Luo Aihua believes that the introduction of success, students actively participate in the classroom atmosphere, active learning and active use。Teacher Mei Haihong summarized with three characters: beautiful sound and painting, new graphics;The structure is tight, the level is clear;Lead well, guide accurately。

     Everyone agreed that Ms. Wang has strong strength, solid basic teaching skills, scientific and exquisite teaching design, concise and vivid language, and pays attention to cultivating the core quality of learning English from the knowledge structure of the classroom to the teaching strategy, which fully reflects the educational concept of the new curriculum standards。

This class is an excellent and flexible one with various highlights and a high degree of goal achievement。Finally, the teachers and leaders also expressed their opinions on how to better implement the effectiveness of reading teaching


Figure 3: English Group teacher listening in class) (Contributed by Zhang Hongmei)

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