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“30年后再相见!” ——全球官网电子游戏87届校友回访母校
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In August, in Mid-Autumn。Campus osmanthus spits, fragrance overflowing, Qinling。With gratitude to our Alma mater and teachers, our school87Be educated in103A collective visit to the Alma mater, a reunion。

Alumni held a number of seminars in conference rooms and classrooms。87The class teachers Gao Si Zhao, Hong Xiulan, Liu Tiehua, Liu Zechuan, Wang Qiaobao attended, accompanied by Luo Zhao and other school leaders。At the meeting, everyone spoke freely, talked and laughed, and reviewed the "eventful years" of the past student period.。87The county liberal arts champion, Peking University student Li Yonghong impromptu poem "Thirty years of classmate party feeling" :

             Thirty years is like a dream, thirty years in a sleep。

             30 years later know the destiny, 30 years ago beautiful youth。

             Three hundred days of hard study。Ten thousand days in my dream。

             My classmates work hard, the rest of my life for another 30 years!


Senior year (1Teacher Hong Xiulan sent a heartfelt message to the students, "There is no distinction between high and low students, the difference between rich and poor.。The feelings of classmates are the most sincere!You have tasted the sweetness and bitterness of life, you have experienced the glory and low of life, you are ordinary, but you are great, I am proud of you and proud of you!Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, spend a good month is round, I wish the students' I wish people for a long time, a thousand miles of moon!'"          



At the symposium, President Luo first congratulated everyone on a happy holiday and warmly welcomed the students to visit his Alma mater。President Luo reviewed the school history of Susong Middle School and reported to the alumni the school's development in recent years and the excellent school achievements。President Luo pointed out that the alumni of Suzhong are valuable assets of the school, including well-known alumni such as Minister Liu Qibao and Academician Li Yadong, as well as ordinary workers who have made silent contributions in various fronts. President Luo congratulated everyone on their excellent achievements in various fronts and thanked everyone for their great contributions to the Alma mater。The school is always the home of alumni, and the school welcomes alumni to come home at any time!President Luo wished all the alumni family happiness, good health, a happy life and a successful career!

After the symposium, the alumni had a simple meal in the school cafeteria。Everyone consciously queued up in the canteen to eat, sitting opposite each other in pairs。Alumni say that this is the best kind of gathering, everyone seems to go back to the old student days, relive the study life。Although the food is simple, but everyone eats unusually sweet, the table is full of thick classmates, teachers and students love!Today's gathering will be another wonderful memory of life!

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