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Study hard to make youth more wonderful (Speech by President Luo Zhao at the flag-raising Ceremony)
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Good morning, everyone!
   I'm relatively short, so I can't play basketball, and I don't pay attention to the NBA, but in my heart, there is a star named Kobe Bryant who is like a God, because his diligence and persistence really let me admire。A reporter asked Bryant, "Why are you so successful?Bryant's response was rhetorical - do you know what it's like in Los Angeles at four o 'clock every morning?In fact, the streets of Los Angeles were dark at four o 'clock in the morning, and Kobe Bryant began to train from four o 'clock every morning, he day after day, year after year, perseverance, and finally became a strong muscle, physical fitness, strength, and a high percentage of basketball players。
   I have been to Yunnan once and have been deeply impressed by the beautiful stone forest, the quiet old town of Lijiang, the delicious rice noodles across the bridge and the warm Xishuangbanna。But I prefer the three kinds of Bai tea: one bitter, two sweet and three aftertastes。I was most impressed by the first tea - bitter tea, the color of the tea soup is darker, the entrance is very bitter, the tea master explained: "Life is like tea, tea is also life.。To be a man in advance, to be a man first suffering, to eat bitter, to have a role。"I felt it very deeply。
   In 2015, a popular TV drama called The Legend of Miyue was broadcast. As a woman, Mi Yue suffered a lot and paid a great price to reach the top of power and lay the foundation of the unification of the State of Qin.And as the lead actress Sun Li has become the "screen hegemon", it is not so?
   Sun Li said in an interview with the media: "In addition to the three-month break after Jade Guanyin, I have hardly had a day's rest in ten years, which is much more tiring than practicing dancing as a child, farming, driving pigs, and digging ditches in the army."。
   After ten years of hard work, her salary has skyrocketed. When she filmed Jade Guanyin, her salary was 5,000 yuan per episode, when she filmed The Legend of Zhen Huan, her salary rose to 850,000 yuan for the Legend of Miyue.In the 10 years since his debut, his net worth has soared 170 times。It's important to know that Sun Li hasn't had a day off in ten years。
In the era of "appearance level", Sun Li is fighting for strength and hard work。She used her actions to interpret: luck and hard work are associated with each other, the more hard work will be luckier。There are two ways to choose in life: either to Sun Li as hard ten years, wonderful fifty years;Ten years of comfort, fifty years of hardship。That is: fear of suffering, suffering for a lifetime, not afraid of suffering, suffering for a while。
    Recently, I saw a classic conversation between father and son on the Internet, which tells us the big difference between studying hard and not reading。
   Soon after his son started school, he asked his father, who was a farmer, why people read books。My father said that if a small tree grows for a year, it can only be used as a fence or as firewood。10 year old trees can be purlins。Twenty years of trees are very useful, you can do beams, you can do pillars, you can do furniture;If a child does not go to school, he can herd sheep at the age of seven, and when he grows up, he can herd a large flock of sheep, but he can do basically nothing but herd sheep。
   If you finish primary school,In the countryside he can farm with some new techniques,In the city you can work on construction sites,Work as a security guard,I could be a small merchant,Primary school knowledge is enough;If you graduate from junior high school,He could learn to operate some machinery;If you graduate from high school,He could learn a lot about mechanical repair;If you graduate from college,He can design tall buildings,The railway bridge is up;If he graduates with a master's doctorate,He might invent something that we didn't have before。
   "You know what?"The son said he knew。
   Dad asked again: herding sheep, farming, when the security, shame is not ashamed?Son said shame。
   Dad said: Son, no shame。They do not steal or rob, work to earn money, feed their children and parents, and are not ashamed at all。
   It's not that we can't learn, or that less school is useless。It's like a one-year tree, useful, but not as useful as a big tree。Not reading or reading less is also useful, but they make less money by contributing less to society。The more you read, the more money you spend, the more time you spend, but the bigger the contribution, the more money you earn, the higher the status。
That conversation left a deep impression on his son, and since then, his son will make the best choice in learning without coercion or inducement。
   Ma Yun said in his speech "Do not suffer, why do you want youth?" that "when you do not fight for a scholarship, do not go to the life that you have not tried, hang QQ all day, brush Weibo, browse Taobao, play online games, and do what I can do at 80 years old, you want youth why.?”
   The famous writer Long Yingtai wrote in a letter to his son Andre: I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others, but because I want you to have more choices in the future, to choose meaningful and time-consuming work, rather than being forced to make a living。
Yeah, if you're good, you have a lot of choices, otherwise you're forced to make a living。
   Li Ka-shing also said, "Although reading can not bring us more wealth, it can bring us more opportunities.。”
   Students, have the opportunity, will succeed, will have the future ah!
   But success is paved with sweat, is written by hard work, to succeed must pay hard and hard work, to succeed must pay the price。Learning is the same, there is no shortcut to take。As a young generation of us, everyone wants to succeed, want to fly youth, set sail, achieve dreams。But every success must pay hard and hard work, as Mencius said, "If heaven wants to drop a great responsibility on a great man, he must first suffer his mind, strain his muscles, starve his body, and empty his body.。”
   Einstein once said, "Between genius and diligence, I choose diligence without hesitation.。Carlisle inspired us: Genius is endless hard work。
   Being in the best high school in Susong County, we are proud, but also more pressure, more should work hard, unremitting pursuit, for the school, for the teacher, for themselves to win glory。You came to Susong Middle School is to study hard, is to fight for a good future, not to waste time and youth。Life can have a few struggles?Life can have a few seasons?Black hair do not know diligent early, white head party regret reading late ah!
   Senior three students, the college entrance examination is not far away, facing the most important choice in life, should redouble their efforts, study hard, and make the most full preparation for the college entrance examination。For students in high school and high school, we should take a good grasp, do not relax, study hard, constantly improve themselves, and lay a solid foundation for the college entrance examination。I have said that the students of Susong Middle School not only have no vacation in the third year of senior high school, but also have no vacation in the whole period of high school。
   Students, let us carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship, dare to struggle, starting from every class, starting from every homework, starting from me, starting from now, hard to study, not spring, not their own, flying dreams, let us use action, with diligence to write brilliant and regretless wonderful youth!
Thank you all!

February 29, 2016

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